Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Flowers 2012

We were honored to be a part of an amazing floral tribute in observance of Memorial Day 2012 at Camp Butler National Cemetary.
Rosaprima donated incredible roses--some of the biggest, strongest, most gorgeous roses we've ever laid eyes on--to national and local cemeteries all across the country.  At Arlington alone, 50,000 roses were given to visitors in honor of their loved ones.

Michelle, Sue, and Kynda

Some people had trouble believing these were gifts in honor of their loved ones.  But it's true, there was no charge and no request for donations--just the beauty and comfort of flowers to say thank you for visiting, thank you for remembering, thank you for your loved ones' service.
A special moment--Michelle left this rose for her grandfather.

We'd like to say thank you to Ramiro at Flowers for Kids, Rosaprima, to Delaware Valley, the wholesalers, to Camp Butler for making us so welcome, to FlowerChat, and to all the florists across the country who volunteered to distribute the beauty and comfort of flowers on this Memorial Day observance.

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